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FACTS → Increase your child's life expectancy by 8 years.
→ Significantly reduce your child's use and risk from Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs.
→ Dramatically lower their risk of suicide.
→ Help them rebound from depression 70% faster.
→ Dramatically reduce their risk for committing a crime.
→ Improve their attitude at school and increase their school participation.
→ Reduce the likelihood that they would binge drink in college.
→ Improve their odds for a "very happy" life.
→ Provide them with a life-long moral compass.
→ Provide children with a caring extended family.
→ Get them to wear their seatbelts more often.
→ Statistically improve the odds that they will lead an active church life in their adult years.
(Supported by research from: Duke University, Indiana University, The University of Michigan, The Center for Disease Control, Barna Research Group, Gallup, Pew, Nat'l Institute for Healthcare Research, and several Nat'l surveys.)